SB Jones Photography – Artist In Residence

Steve’s Mission:
To share with you… his mind’s eye.
His view of some of the details usually not observed and the breathtaking wonders surrounding us.
His hopes are to rekindle those memories that bring a smile to your face. The ones that remind you of family home places, treasured yearly trips with friends and maybe even an impromptu trip with your someone special.

Always in search of a peaceful hangout.

A beautiful snow blanketing an old barn, one that certainly has served its purpose in its dance with Father Time.

A vibrant butterfly perched on Moms azalea.

A cozy beach scene reminiscent of time spent with family and friends.

For the last decade and a half, fascinated by the color, details and natural beauty surrounding us, Steve can often be found out and about seeking to capture those visions as an Adventure and Travel photographer. He has always had a love for the out of doors. As the great outdoors was shared with him, he wants to share his vision with you. In the last 4 years while still honing his trade, Steve has been getting to share his vision with local and regional collectors at local fairs and regional fine art shows.

His work can be found decorating walls in China, (a graduate exchange student), in homes and businesses across North and South Carolina including Wake Forest University and A Stones Throw Gallery, both in Winston Salem N.C.