Morgan Greenhaw

MoonShine Ceramics-logo

My name is Morgan, but I’m more fondly known as MoonShine.

In 2017, my husband and I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail with our Siberian Husky, Pneuma. When you hike the AT, even if just for a section, you are given a Trail Name at some point along your hike. And that is what you are known by for the duration of your journey. It usually comes at a time where you do something embarrassing, but mine came from two endearing gentleman. One had been calling me Sunshine and the other started calling me Moonbeam. Instead of choosing between the two, they decided to blend them together into MoonShine.

Something that is really important to me in my clay journey is to pay homage to the inspiration from the AT – to somehow capture the vast beauty of Mother Nature into a piece of pottery. I desire for all of my pieces to kindle your adventurous spirit and to keep the outdoors alive in your hearts.

That is, ultimately, why I chose to work under the name “MoonShine” – to pay respect to my time on the AT and to be sure I’m being completely true to myself.

All of my pieces are wheel-thrown and either hand-carved or painted. They each stem from a heart of giving back to you all what the Earth has given me!