Laura Black

I didn’t start out to be a potter. Matter of fact, it feels weird to even say I AM a potter. I began pottery in 2017 as a kind of therapy almost after a failed business startup threw me for a loop. A few people suggested pottery as a way to express myself and “change the subject” of my life. I took a year off from my marketing job and settled in to throw pots awhile and see if it shifted anything in me.

And boy did it. It taught me that failure was in fact a good thing and a way to evolve. When I was not focused or centered, I could not center my clay and throwing was a complete failure. I began having “failure” days to allow myself to just try things and fail if need be and without judgment.

After a short time, pottery became more. It became a way to truly engage myself in the expression of who I was and what I stood for without using my vocal chords.

At this time I was also being called to heal others through my energy and laying on of hands. My hands would become hot around people who were ill and I would desperately be drawn to touch them. I became Reiki attuned and started offering healing to people.

It was a natural then for me to combine my healing and compassion into my clay. I hold each ball of clay to my heart and ask that it become part of the clay. I sign every piece with the word “Love” and that energy remains within the piece. The vibration of the word and my intention hold. Many, many people who buy my pieces say they feel the energy in the pieces. I also began using words and positive, uplifting phrases as part of my pottery aesthetic. I call it Poetry Pottery. I throw odd sizes and shapes of mugs to represent every person. I want to be part of shifting someone’s day when they hold their mug, read what’s on it and feel the energy in it.

It’s said that it takes only 2% of the population to shift the consciousness of the world to LOVE. I commit to being part of that 2%.

Namaste and enjoy my loving gift to you of turning clay into healing art!