Jennifer Harkey Studio

I’ve been an artist, craftswoman or creator all my life. Artisans have the ability to view the world in a completely different obsessive way than the rest. Life’s gratification is to create a work that expresses your mind’s desire and brings happiness to others.

In addition to my career as a graphic designer, I discovered a love for glass after taking stained glass classes with a local artisan over 10 years ago. I worked in his shop and helped restore amazing antique stained glass art as well as create new designs. While working in his studio, I began experimenting with kiln-fired glass and then stumbled into the use of recycled glass.

Creating indoor and outdoor designs utilizing hand cut, kiln fired recycled glass, copper and wood gave me the opportunity to be expressive and bring awareness to the eco-friendly upcycle movement.

Each unique piece embodies a passion of color, light and craftsmanship as well as a desire to show how beautiful recycling can be. All of the glass I use is recycled from liquor, wine and household bottles. Friends, family and local establishments generously donate the bottles. The copper wire is manufactured in the United States as well as most of the tools and materials All glass and copper scraps are recycled so there is almost zero waste.

The process is long, but the result is gratifying.

I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.

Repurpose and recycle every day




























Prosperity and Good Luck